Indie Chic on 10th Street - Tempe, ASU Art Museum

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Gwynne: Bewilderknits was downright delighted to participate in the Indie Chic on 10th Street event last Saturday in Tempe. We had a booth smack dab in front of the entrance to the ASU Art Museum on Mill Avenue, the same day as the Tempe Art Walk, so we could catch some of the overlapping foot traffic.


It was a successful and fun day that really flew by! I see many more early mornings this season for myself. It's kind of nice for a change. But I'm going to need to learn how to knit some fingerless gloves soon.

Karen: Saturday was relatively cold in the Valley of the Sun.  I somehow managed to leave my house without a jacket – after 26 years of living here I’m still somewhat oblivious to our weather’s occasional mood swings.  

Cora: Brr!  It was so cold!  Luckily we had the wears for the weather!   Karen actually forgot to bring a jacket. I had a sweater that I accidentally washed made from 100% wool.  So, of course, it shrunk and no longer fit.  However it fit Karen perfectly!  :)

Karen: Thank goodness I was able to inherit Cora’s accidentally felted cardigan!  Our warm wares tempted those who braved the chill.  Hats, scarves, scarflettes, and cowls were all very popular at the event.  Felted accessories were also a hit! 

Gwynne: Yeah, I totally laughed when I heard the story of Karen's super-cute new sweater. Professional felters accidentally felting our own sweaters? And knitters being unprepared for chilly weather? It was really fortuitious though, I remember loving the unfelted sweater on Cora, and it looks particularly faboo on Karen. These girls (and gnomes) wear blue so well.


Cora: Some other friends were there with booths:  Stacy from Puppet Pie, Danny with Larkspur Studios, and Heidi Abrahamson Jewelry.


Gwynne: Shay didn't take pictures of EVERYTHING that day (there were, after all, didgereedoos to be explored over at the Tempe Art Walk and ceramic bowls to collect), but he did take some pretty fun portraits of a few things that were at the Indie Chic event. 30 vendors were there total, and many were downstairs which was in the shade and felt like an icebox! Lisa Takata was downstairs and was so bundled up when we saw her. We felt lucky to be upstairs where it was ever-so-slightly warmer. Like 60 degrees instead of 50 degrees maybe?

Karen: Friends and fans alike came out to see us and show their support.   It was also refreshing to try a new venue.   Our location on the ASU campus and close vicinity to the Tempe Arts Festival exposed us to a new audience. 

Cora:  I also ran into an old high school friend.  That was a nice surprise!  We were able to catch up for a few minutes, and she even invited me to sing at her wedding!

Karen: Overall this was a very successful event for us.   We got great feedback from customers and other vendors.  I ended up trading one of my alpaca slouch hats to another vendor for a neat little drawer unit made from a chunk of discarded wood from a railroad construction site. Our products also received interest from a local shop and the Tempe Farmer’s Market!

Gwynne: I was super thrilled when a lovely PhD student walked over from the coffee shop across the street. People had been standing around reading the copy about the Kittyknitter Box scarves, and collecting our business cards. When I said Hi to her, she told me that she was studying at the coffee shop when some people came in raving about us and telling her that she had to come look at the Kittyknitter scarves. Then she picked out something she loved and bought it! I personally got a real kick out of this Tempe event because I was surrounded by other ASU students. And of course it's always fun when friends show up. Maya was the first one to arrive with totally awesome eye makeup (how she accomplishes that so early in the morning, I don't know) around 10am. 

Cora: Lesley, Betsy and baby Jack stopped by.  Jack looked so cute in the little hat I made for him.  It looked like his head was stuck in the clouds!


Gwynne: It was great seeing them, and then when Robert & Pat swung by at the end of the day that was fun too. Plus the luck I always get at the last minute with kids who rush over and pick up felted flower hair clips. There were really neat vendors there this time. I wish I had taken more pictures of everything fun that was happening. It was over too soon, but not just because of the time - we were there from sunrise to sunset, I couldn't believe the day was already over!

Cora: All-in-all a great event!  We met lots of neat people, made some connections for possible future endeavors, and just had a good time. 

Gwynne: Now we're knitting as fast as we can to have more new stock for this upcoming Saturday event at the Roadrunner Farmers Market!