Sunnyslope Art Walk Bewilderknits Booth!

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Bewilderknits is delighted to be showing at the next Sunnyslope Art Walk on October 10th from 5 - 10pm!

We're excited to be participating in this art walk. It's going to be our second time there and we've been hard at work on so many details! Knitted products to sell, new yarns we've spun for knitters to play with, an improved booth layout, business cards and all new Bewilderknits branding by our lovely new illustrator friend, Mall!

So much is going to be unveiled and coming to fruition over the next few months for us. There are so many small but important elements that go into rolling out a business which will exist in both virtual space and in the real world, even a business like ours that was created for pleasure and celebrating our favorite things. I've been hard at work on our first blog layout, while Cora and Shay have worked beside me for so many hours working on the web site, and Karen has been working on making sure that all our i's are dotted and t's are crossed.

Not to mention knitting and spinning! And the weekend hours spent in the sun, which is still so hot in Phoenix, rehearsing different layouts for our booth design. And taking photos of our work for our respective Etsy shops. And coming up with new design ideas that we haven't had time to develop yet! We are really getting to the point where few details haven't been thought out or considered. There will always be room for tweaking and improvement, but it's this part of the creative process that really inspires me and feels enriching. We are building something from scratch, based on our visions, and bringing them to life.

So, if you are in Phoenix, please swing by and visit with us at our booth! 

Below is a map ... a not so big one. Maybe someday I'll figure out how to make these pictures post larger ... until then, just go to the Grinders parking lot on Central and Dunlap. Expect to see Lisa Takata there with her spinning wheel too, and Stacey Rebecca with her rad puppets, and Erin's Sock Zombies.


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