1st October Roadrunner Farmers Market

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So it was a little bit warm for wool in our early October Roadrunner event. The trade-off was a feature I'd forgotten about: wildly green grass! It was a vibrant, lovely day under the trees. Our location was moved since last year to a more central location in the middle of the market. I knew we were in for a treat when I called Shay to find out where our booth was this season and he said, "I'm over by the baby goats!"
Well, it goes without saying that "Darling" was an understatement. They were TWO days old! 
And of course a huge crowd gathered next to us all morning because of the little baby cutie-pants pile of cuteness. It really was unexplainable, the black one kept just hopping and jumping for joy in the air, just because. Looking at them all day was refreshing, they just kept on saying "It's so COOL to be alive! Hello! Woo-hoo! Neat!" I suggest clicking on the image below to blow it up and see the joy on people's faces. Everyone is just tickled and charmed all morning long, so refreshing!
 The weather managed to stay crisp and cool throughout our whole set-up. The temps were great in the shade, chasing the shade with our camping chairs became our M.O. for the rest of the morning.

Karen took the opportunity to knit up her next felted purse. Here is one of her projects in its "Before" stage:
And here are some of her projects in their "After" stages:
 Cora was able to put out her cowl that she finished up the night before at First Friday. Mostly alpaca, and most of it handspun yarns, and mostly awesome. She put her latest new project out on the dress form in the front of the booth.

In the mirror below, you can see several of her pom-pom scarves hanging on the dress forms on the other side.
As the morning wore on, it got warmer and the babies got sleepy and assembled themselves in a miniature monster pile of more cuteness. Killing me softly with cuteness, killing me softly, with cuteness ....
We dressed up the mannequins inside the booth in our unintentionally-matching finished items. This is Cora's cute hat with Gwynne's scarflette.
And this is Gwynne's alpaca hat (the giant curly ringlets are from my first-ever corespun yarn made from kid locks). It matched quite nicely with Cora's big chunky mossy cowl.
We also had a basketful of handspun yarns.
We sat in the back as long as the shade hung around. Here's a pic of me under my shaded chair (I'm a huge fan of the shaded Kelsyus chairs!) with Shay behind me.
Our next Roadrunner event is this weekend, and for the rest of winter we'll be up and at em at dawn every Saturday after the 1st and 3rd Fridays! The Greek food is really incredible and so is the iced tea. If you come, I promise you won't be disappointed :)


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